Community Engagement Coordinator – e4c

Please consider me in your search for a Community Engagement Coordinator. As my resume details, my life is a rich and varied tapestry of human interaction and connection.

After completing my Education Degree at the University of Alberta, I spent 10 years overseas teaching and mentoring students from as young as grade three to adult. Since my return to Canada, I’ve worked in a number of human centered positions including as a Property Manager and as a care worker in residential settings for the Prince George Association for Community Living (AiMHi) and Thompson Community Services. In my position with the latter employer, I offered clients their medications per BC health guidelines and served meals using menus provided by a company nutritionist. I love to cook. From August 2021 until March 2022, I served as a janitor in various Mustard Seed shelters for the homeless.

In addition to seeking an individual who offers care and attention to those around him, you also are looking for someone who can foster and promote meaningful relationships and teamwork within the organization and also reach out to the community in an engaging and compelling way. I am passionate about our connection as human beings and a believer in the underlying dignity and power of the human spirit that resides at the core of each of us and unites us as a whole. And, I believe I demonstrate I am an effective communicator of that vision through my work as a writer, artist, speaker and musician. (Please see the webpage with work samples provided as part of my application.)

Consider my analysis of philosophy professor Aaron James’ book, Assholes – A Theory and a documentary of the same name by Canadian filmmaker John Walker in my essay, Assholes – Another Theory. In his book, James essentially argues that it makes logical sense to dismiss other people because of their behavior, a dangerous position in my opinion, which I argue against. You might also find my music video Brand New Song, which features my art and images relating to Canada’s current epidemic of drug use. I do not drink, smoke or do any recreational drugs but have encountered many who have, and do, use them since my return to Canada. I support a harm reduction approach to the challenge of drug use and believe the issue is best treated as one of health rather than crime.

Thank you for considering me for this position. I would welcome an in-person or phone interview. I will likely return to work in camp October 12th.