As the global pandemic continues, I’ve created this webpage to highlight some works I’ve created about the situation. Like the virus, this webpage will expand and evolve or, more  hopefully, fizzle out.


I developed new horoscopes, which appear on a separate page, for everyone reflecting the need to change your routine because of the virus.

Act Nationally

Set to the tune of Act Naturally, as recorded by Buch Owens and the Beatles, with lyrics changed Act Nationally urges everyone, everywhere to keep a safe distance, wash their hands and, sometimes, wear a mask to help defeat COVID-19.


Here are a few cartoons I created. I tried to generate some interest from The New Yorker, the Georgia Straight and The Prince George Citizen. No bites. The third cartoon was written when Trump wanted to block the export of PPE from the US. Shipments to Canada were arranged soon after.


In my latest design, I imagined MADD Magazine’s Alfred E. Neumann, who even with his famous saying of “What me worry?” finally had something to worry about, so I slapped a mask on his famous mug. Get yours while the last for just $25.