Measuring Edmonton’s Mood

February 8, 2022 Confirmation 422961701-001

I would like to meet the mayor to propose the development of an initiative to measure the degree of anger of the city’s residents. I see this initiative being delivered through an online survey (hopefully developed with the input of the city’s centre’s of higher learning and medical and spiritual leaders) that offers anonymity or counseling to those that might request it. It would be fascinating to try and measure the “mood” of a city and to make those findings available to the public. I’m not sure if this has ever been done before but I do know Edmonton has a history of municipal innovation.

Another part of this proposal is the delivery of a public awareness program based on the fact that ANGER IS NEVER JUSTIFIED and that peace is found in love and forgiveness that does not judge.

Currently, I envision just myself presenting my ideas but I might enlist the support of members of the spiritual community. The mayor is welcome to invite anyone.

This proposal was inspired by my application to fill the position of Anti-Racist Specialist for Norquest College. I renamed the position Inclusion Coordinator and created a webpage detailing my approach: My website provides more insight into my belief in a more inclusive world.