Video Production

I have a creative eye and mind for video. Contact me to discuss possibilities for your project. Some samples of my work follow.

the voice – The moody blues

Picked up the Long Distance Traveler album by the Moody Blues and forgot how wonderfully produced and melodic the Moody Blues are. The Voice, the opening track on the first side, inspired me to create a video featuring some of my recent and ancient art. Enjoy!

Moving Day

This was shot while teaching art in Tripoli, Libya in 2002. On school sports day, I was given the task of teaching baseball to kids that had never played the game. My challenge was enhanced by a hole behind home plate that swallowed baseballs and I shooed the dog who dug it away. Little did I know she was digging a den for her coming pups, which ended up being born under a bush in the middle of the schoolyard and, as they were a distraction, had to be moved. Watch the video to see how it was done.

Blues Emergency Tour

Morgan Davis joins Doc MacLean for part of his cross Canada tour and the two play the Victoria Folk Club, November 11, 2012.

Better off with the Blues

Morgan Davis sings about someone thinking of returning to a relationship that’s maybe not that good. Sound familiar?

Just might not come back at all

Doc MacLean’s “factual” song about the dangers found in romancing an eternal Cajun queen.

Rocky Monster Show

Here’s a video shot in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia used in a school production of the Rocky Monster Show.

God is Love

Helping open a new vocational school in the UAE led to some challenges and opportunities. This video was made with my students in Al Ain, UAE when I had them for a few weeks with no real set curricula.