The Apple of Albert’s Eye


The Apple of Albert’s Eye” is a slice of life, from an apple’s point of view.

Albert is ‘born’ one windy day and finds himself hanging among many other apples. Like all communities, there are those that are helpful and those that aren’t. Albert is small but sweet natured, while Tyler, the biggest apple isn’t. But Albert has more things to worry about. Before he’d been thrown to the ground by a ‘walking tree’, Walt, the old apple who’d survived last year’s harvest, told a fantastic story of how bitter cold and white rain eventually led to trees with flowers that turned into apples. But, even more frightening, Walt had said the ‘walking trees’ would come and take them away one day.

Albert wasn’t quite sure what it meant to be an apple. And now that Walt was gone, he was even more confused. Had Walt been right? And if he was, what would happen to Albert and the others? But when Albert meets a special needs girl in the market, everything changes.

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Watch the Video!

Produced in approximately 2003 at the British International School of Jeddah, this illustrated version of the book features the vocal talents of a number of teachers and the illustrative talents of my Y7 students. It’s in three parts because of Youtube uploading restrictions. Enjoy!