Silly dreamer? - photo by Devetta Sharpen

Silly dreamer? – photo by Devetta Sharpen



I truly believe a world where we love and understand one another is possible and my art, in one way or another, visualizes that ideal. The video above “images over” Gangaji’s description of life’s only error, and a very correctable one at that.

You can find my completed works and follow my works in progress here. Your comments are appreciated and welcome. :)

Please check out each area  of my creativity and it would be great if you find something you’d like to hang in your home, put on your back, read to your children or play on your stereo. I am also interested in any contract work you might have for me. What can I create for your you?

Some of my work can provoke a strong emotional response but please be aware your interpretation is not necessarily what I meant or how others might interpret it.