Enjoy my songs!

Sample the music on my CD Money and Other Losses with me on vocals (except for I was built for Speed).


Brand New Song – Another song that came to me and inspired me to record.


Keep on Tryin’ – the bittersweet search for success…


Everyone should know – and the bittersweet search for love.


I was built for Speed – This song floated into my head one day.


It’s Freedom I Love – Composed in Al Ain, UAE of all places.


The Lord and I Disagree – About making ends meet ’til you meet your Maker.


Travelin’ to Libya – My first teaching destination outside Canada.


I am the One – Came to me in a dream in Norway.


Never thought I’d write a Love Song – We’re separated now, of course


Knowing Rose – With physical and metaphysical connotations.


Heart on 4 You – The title speaks for itself.


I don’t Believe – Where true freedom lies.