Adult Instructor – CoE

Please consider me for an Adult Creative Writing, Photography or Craft Instructor.

Writing Ability

After completing my Education degree at the U of A (with a major in art) and serving as a writer/production editor for the Students’ Union, Gateway, I joined The University of Calgary as a Communications Officer II. As co-editor of the U of C bi-weekly, Gazette, I sought to write engaging, creative copy. My article, New ways to slice the mapping pie and commissioned illustration, is an example.

After almost five years with the U of C, I accepted a position as a Journalism Instructor at Grant MacEwan where I taught newswriting, photography, graphic design and mass media. Moving to Vancouver, I became Western Editor for Canadian Forest Industries Magazine, providing stories on harvesting, safety and milling. Settling in Nanaimo I freelanced as a weekly reporter for The Nanaimo Business Examiner writing on business-related issues, including the development of a submersible camera. Working for T-MAR Industries, I launched the company’s newsletter, The T-MAR Times.

I next spent 10 years teaching art and other subjects in Libya, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Norway, the UAE and Japan. In that time, I developed lesson materials using language carefully chosen for ESL students that ranged in age from grade-three to adult. Highlights of this period include the co-authoring of a series of mathematics workbooks and the production of the student illustrated video of my children’s story, The Apple of Albert’s Eye.

Another example from this period would be my video application for the position I scripted for the position of Traveling Ambassador with Air Transat, which also features my music.

Returning to Canada in 2012, I relocated to Prince George, BC and launched my WordPress website to highlight my creative abilities in writing, photography, art, music and video production.

Photography Ability

Here are two galleries of photos, the first of a wire spool caught in a river in Kongsberg, Norway and the second, of an abandoned BC ferry, near Mission, BC.

Crafts Ability

I have an interest in working with media in a variety of ways. Here is a video and a few of my creations, showing my ability to use materials that might suitable for craft projects. I’m not sure what’s available for tools and the area that instruction would take place in, for example, if clay is an option or wood working.


A block of wood is hollowed out with LED lights added around the perimeter. The word “Believe” is modified and shaped and placed in the middle with a roof over it. Painted with glitter it stands on its own and makes a wonderful prop for a short video featuring one of my songs, The Lord and I disagree.


My LifeStar is another recent piece reshaping existing materials to make something different and unique. Dollar store nightlights are fit and wired together in a sphere taken from a revolving “disco” light.

Dollar Store Razzle Dazzle


I taught pottery, while teaching in Libya and Saudi Arabia. I enjoy this material, especially when I can get my hands on it in an environment where I can work it, fire it and glaze it.

I believe my creative talents make me an excellent candidate for these positions. Accordingly, let me suggest we meet to discuss the contribution I could make to your organization in this endeavor.