Advisor Writer – Workers’ Compensation

Please consider me in your search for a Communications Advisor – Writing Specialist. I believe my experience in communications, especially for industrial companies with an interest in safety, when combined with my diverse writing/editorial background, makes me an ideal candidate.

I’ve served as a daily reporter, covering Sam Struhar’s efforts to have WCB in Nanaimo reopen his case. As Western Editor for Canadian Forest Industries Magazine, I wrote about all aspects of the business including safety, harvesting and milling.

As Marketing Manager for Campbell River forest equipment manufacturer, T-MAR Industries, I was in charge of internal and external communications and produced advertising, product brochures, and developed and analyzed customer surveys. I also launched the company’s newsletter, The T-MAR Times.

As a Communications Officer for The University of Calgary, I worked with the Public Affairs Office and senior administration officials to produce strategized communications for staff, media, stakeholders and the public. My ability to convey more complex information to a general audience is illustrated in my article on digital mapping. I was also called upon to profile new employees and my article on Beatrice Medicine is an example.

After 10 years of teaching overseas, where I developed and taught curricula for all grade levels (including vocational students) I returned to Canada in 2012. Since then, most of my time was spent in Prince George, until my recent relocation to Edmonton. In Prince George, I worked in community care and served as a property manager. I also worked for Canfor’s JD Little Nursery, preparing seedlings for tree planters. I was most impressed with Canfor’s focus on safety. Each shift began with a “tailgate session” where safety was emphasized and workers were asked to come up with ideas for improving safety. Safety glasses and gloves were mandatory.

My return to Canada also provided me with the opportunity to develop my WordPress website to promote my creative skills, which I invite you to explore.

In summary, I believe I am an excellent fit for this position and would like to suggest we meet to discuss the contribution I could make to your organization’s operations in filling this role.