Relief Housing Manager – CRMtn Resorts

Please consider me in your search for a Relief Housing Manager.

After 10 years teaching overseas, I returned to Canada in 2012, and located myself in Prince George, BC, where I launched my WordPress website to highlight my creative abilities in writing, photography, art, music and video production. I use my blog and twitter account (now X) to promote my work and my belief in a better world. I have a working knowledge of MS Office (including Word and Excel), Illustrator, Photoshop, WordPress and various video editing programs.

In May, 2016, I joined Pace Property Management in Prince George, BC and was immediately enrolled in the Residential Property Management Course offered online by the Sauder School of Business at UBC. I successfully passed the exam on my first try and received my two-year license to “Provide Rental Property Management Services”, October 19, 2016. My duties at Pace included all aspects of property management referencing the BC Residential Tenancy Act: showing properties, vetting tenants, preparing leases, calculating and properly implementing rent increases, handling collections, arranging for maintenance (including getting quotes), safety testing, managing disputes (including hearings with the Residential Tenancy Board), and conducting move in and move out inspections. Pace used the Propertyware property management software. In this position, I supervised one support employee.


While in Prince George, I also worked as a care provider in group homes serving adults dealing with various cognitive and physical challenges for the Prince George Association for Community Living (AiMHi) and Thompson Community Services. Informal counseling was a significant part of my role and I worked with clients (many of Indigenous descent) dealing with drug and alcohol dependencies and mental health issues, including autism and depression. In addition to preparing meals according to a nutritionist’s specifications, I drove clients to various appointments and helped them develop individual recreational programs. For my work with AiMHi, I completed a five-day training program that included: St. John’s First Aid Certificate (CPR), CPI Nonviolent Crisis Intervention, Foodsafe Level 1 and WHMIS.

I have a valid AB Driver’s License and believe I demonstrate a responsible driving history.

I have always loved the mountains for their beauty and the calming effect they can have on the human spirit. The video that follows uses footage shot some time ago in the Canadian Rockies and I would welcome the opportunity to live in such a majestic landscape.

I believe the wealth of property management, communications, education and project management experience combine to make me an excellent candidate for this position. Accordingly, let me suggest we meet to discuss the possibility of joining Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts as your Relief Housing Manager.