TRT 0220

Tutor: Toronto

What are your greatest concerns about this role?

One of my greatest concerns in applying for this role is that my application will not be given full and due consideration. I feel this way because I have been told I have the dubious distinction, from company’s perspective, of being the person that has applied for more positions with Tutors International than anyone else. This makes me believe I must work extra hard to communicate my belief that I am an ideal candidate for this position. My request is that you give my application a thorough review before making your decision.

Painting with a broad brush to begin, I believe I am the individual capable of broadening the young woman’s horizons and helping her explore any tangential lines of enquiry. I would seek to pique her interest rather than “peak” it as your advert puts it.

I am an interested observer of and participant in public affairs; following the news on the National and the Internet, but I am also interested in exploring and understanding life’s experience on a deeper level. My spiritual practice includes a daily routine and it also inspires my art and music. While I believe strongly in it, I allow everyone the freedom to believe and live how they choose.

Until COVID-19 ended my position, I served my community as a volunteer with the Salvation Army food recovery program.

I also served, briefly, as a dog-walker for my nearby SPCA, leaving this position because there were too many walkers and not enough dogs. You mention the young lady is interested in getting a dog. I like dogs and most animals. I frequently walk my neighbor’s dog, Ruka. Ruka, is a big dog. Ruka is also a big baby who loves to play fetch or not to fetch. His problem with this game is similar to many dogs who like to have their stick and chew it too, forcing them to answer the agonizing question, “For James to be able to throw the stick, I guess I need to let him have it.” He also loves a truck ride.

It would be a great honor and challenge to help the young lady select an animal to be her companion for the next 10-15 years. To be honest, a St. Bernard would not be my first choice, as this is a large animal and they slobber a lot. I also believe that temperament and personality range quite widely within any breed. Dogs are individuals and care would need to be taken in selecting an animal with an even disposition.

I have always loved music and have played guitar and sung for many years. I have had no real technical training in the instrument and struggle at times, but continue to play, allowing myself the freedom to play without harshly judging myself. I have been blessed with the ability to write music, with melodies and lyrics most commonly coming to me from a dream state. One of my greatest pleasures has been to record my songs with accomplished musicians who are able to instantly, it seems to me, take up what I’ve written and improvise on and embellish my work. I could use a good sax player.

While the COVID-19 social distancing measures have been in place, I have kept myself busy. I’ve developed COVID-19 webpages; created some tongue-in-cheek horoscopes, a cartoon strip and recorded a song, on the banks of the Fraser River, about the need for social distancing, hand washing and mask wearing. Set to the tune of Act Naturally, as recorded by Buck Owens and the Beatles, Act Nationally urges everyone, everywhere to keep a safe distance, wash their hands and wear a mask to help defeat COVID-19.

I also designed and had some t-shirts printed, featuring Alfred E. Neuman of MAD Magazine, whose face and famous saying, “What me worry?”, are not as well known as they once were. 

You don’t say much about the young lady’s creative talents but I would certainly be willing to work with her in exploring that aspect of herself, whether it be with her voice (does she sing?), a saxophone (playing or recording), camera (still or video), pencil, paintbrush, computer drawing program (Illustrator), video editing (Sony Vegas movie studio), web  page editing (WordPress), writing, woodworking or dollar store bling.

Just today, I completed an artwork, Believe Be Love, which, like many of my pieces, brings the unusual together, to hopefully take the viewer to a new place in his or her mind. I attach a video. The background music is from my song, The Lord and I disagree.

In summary, I see this position as one of trying to help this young lady to rekindle a sense of innocent wonder and inquiry in her life. And while I’ve had my dark moments, I can also honestly say I get up every day ready to explore and be with the miraculous experience of life. To that end, I offer my services on any basis you feel appropriate, whether it be short term until you find a more ideal candidate or in the long-term role you have outlined.