Art Studio Manager – 4Cats

Please consider me in your search for an Arts Studio Decorating Standards Manager/Instructor.

I believe I am an excellent candidate for this position and invite you click on the link above to view the webpage version of this cover letter with samples of my work.

I consider myself artistic and creative and your welcome to visit the various expressions of that ability as found on my website including art, photography, videography, design, music, writing and multimedia work. I’m passionate about innovative ideas and thinking. Do you know anyone else who would produce a “Wanted Poster” for happiness; has written a children’s book from an apple’s point of view or not only thinks outside the box, but outside the circle, too? And, yes, I’d like to unleash those ideas on the world.

I’d love to put my hand to seasonal celebration decorating projects and am good with hand power tools. Consider my work, Teach Only Love, which I carved from a single plank of Douglas fir using sanders, a multicrafter, laminate trimmer and hand finishing tools. I then added LED lights behind and behind that a fabric background to reflect those lights. I’m good on a ladder and expert with paintbrushes, large and small, and paint rollers, too.

In addition to my personal passion for art, I’ve years of experience teaching the subject to students from as you as grade three to adult. It’s been awhile, but I’ve taught basic pottery techniques, including glazing.

Even my current experience working as a janitor lends itself to this position as you need someone who can clean, organize and put back furniture. I have a healthy sense of humour and love to laugh, as, hopefully, my video application for the position of Traveling Ambassador for Air Transat shows.. Like Mondrian did, I believe art can make a positive impact on how we see the world. I’m good with people and have communications and marketing experience.

Thank you for considering this application. I am available for an in-person interview until October 11th and will likely be rescheduled to return camp duties, unless you decide to hire me in the meantime.