Video Editor (Remote) – Pipette

Candidate’s Name: James Miller
Candidate’s Phone Contact: 1 587 341 7400
Interviewer’s Name: Matt Andreeva

1. Are you familiar with the Adobe Creative Cloud?

I am familiar with Photoshop and Illustrator. I believe I am a talented photographer, videographer and artist. I will provide more samples, but the two galleries below are some of my photographs, with the first being two photos I manipulated in Photoshop.

2. What are some of the most important skills for a video editor?

I believe the most important skill is to use footage to provide a natural progression between camera angles that moves the story forward. I try to let the images speak for themselves rather than using fancy transitions. My application for the position of Traveling Ambassador for Air Transat is one example. The video features my original music. While I have musical talent, I can’t guarantee I’d be able to write for specific projects as I’ve never done that before. Music can be important but it should never interfere with the dialogue.

Another example would be my short video, filmed opening for the Rocky Horror Monster Show, a high school production in Saudi Arabia.

3. How do you stay organized when working on multiple projects at once?

The way I stay organized with most things, by setting my first priority on what needs to be accomplished first, usually determined by project deadline but it could be other issues like maintaining continuity in lighting.

4. What is your experience with video compression?


5. What would you do if you were working on a project and realized that you needed to obtain additional footage or source material?

This is a hypothetical question that leads me to ask for further clarification in this role.

Scenario One:

If you providing me with the video/storyboard and video for what I’m editing, I’d contact you and let you know I needed more footage. Slow motion is an option for extending the length of video but, of course, it doesn’t work if it’s someone speaking. 

Scenario Two:

If you are asking me to film according to your script, I might have the option of returning to the film scene to add for footage via different angles. 

I’ve never had much luck finding stock photo images that meet my needs and I imagine it might be even more difficult with video.

6. When editing video, what is the importance of sound design?

Sound is absolutely crucial. Audiences will forgive poor quality images but they have to be able to hear dialogue or audio. I have a hearing problem myself and there’s nothing more frustrating for me than background audio/music while someone is speaking. I think it’s unnecessary and makes it harder to hear. If the dialogue can’t stand on its own, then rewrite it.

7. Describe your process for color correction.

Don’t have one. If this is of vital importance, I’d be willing to learn.

8. What makes you stand out from other video editors?

The eye and abilities of a creative artist. Here’s my music video, Brand New Song.

9. Which editing software do you prefer to use and why?

I worked with Final Cut Pro on an Apple platform but moved away from it as I had trouble importing video from Sony cameras. To solve the problem, I went to a pc platform and Sony Vegas Movie Studio, but this program has been crashing on me on a far too regular basis, so I’m actually ready to try a new program. Anything you recommend?

10. How often do you update your skills and knowledge as a video editor?

On an as needed basis. 

11. Tell me about a project you have worked on that was particularly challenging and how you overcame it.

For my large outdoor art installation The Spirit of Prince George, 2015, I needed to carve out large areas of wood but found that my router kept tipping off because of the small base plate provided. I had a larger base plate made out of acrylic that allowed me to span greater distances. Here’s a gallery of the areas I carved.


For the previously mentioned music video, I built a stand to be able to zoom in and out on art on the floor.

12. Are you currently employed?

I am on unemployment leave for shortage of work in my position as a cook in a camp, which sees me 21 days at work and seven days off, with two of those seven days for travel. I would love to do something more creative. I am scheduled to return to work the end of April.

13. Will you be able to devote 20 to 40 hours of your time weekly for the company?

At 40 hours per week, I would treat this as my full-time job. At 20  hours per week, it would be, obviously, part-time but with other income, I wouldn’t likely have to look for other work. It also depends on what you’re paying hourly. It also depends on whether I’d need to upgrade my computer system or, if necessary, cameras.

14. How has your background prepared you for this role?

I love working with images and have all my life.

15. What image editing software do you love?

I’m not sure if “love” is the word but I use Photoshop and find I can get it to do most of the things I need done.

16. How do you stay motivated with repetitive tasks?

If I can stand and wrap cookies for hours at a time, I think I can handle what you have for me.

17. Do you have any project suggestions for our publication?

You’d need to tell me what your publication is. Is it all about medical testing supplies you offer on The one video I did find was quite fancy with images moving around on the screen ala “Minority Report” but I found that didn’t add much to the information you were trying to convey. I found the music annoying.

18. How do you use social media to compliment your work?

Not a huge fan of Facebook, which instead of bringing people closer together has in many cases done the opposite and has also made pre-teen and teenage youngsters insecure and suicidal. A friend of mine had is brother make a Mimic video of him using just a still image that was verbally quite offensive. He didn’t even know it was done.

I post my videos to You Tube and then put them on my website.

19. Describe your favorite portfolio project. How long did it take?

Not sure if it’s my favorite but I built a model as an entry into a competition to design a Holocaust Memorial for Ottawa, Canada’s capital. Here’s some photos.

20. Tell me about your experience working remotely.

I am a self-motivated person as a tour of my website will show you.

21. How long would you expect to work for us if hired and how much will you request per hour if you are hired?

I could see five years as a realistic possibility, provided we’re not all replaced by AI before then.

I’d rather you give me an hourly proposal.

Job Responsibilities: Manipulating film and video footage using modern editing techniques.

Think I can handle this. If you’re looking for someone to send things flying all over the screen, I might not be your man.

Maintaining continuity while moving shots according to scene value. Trimming footage
and putting together the rough project. Inserting dialog, sound effects, music, graphics,
and special effects.

Think I can handle most of this. Inserting my dialog i.e. my voice? Sound effects. Yes. Music. Are you able to pay for license for music? Graphics if not too complicated and the same for special effects. This film, Truck Logging in Africa, part 1, gives you a sample of my voiceover abilities.

The Video Editor will be Working with the digital assets management team to help them
maintain transparency and organization across all projects (including spoilers, exclusives, etc.)


Sourcing unit photographers for future productions, both domestic and international. Suggests key art and gallery photographers to marketing.

I am a skilled photographer, so don’t know if it’s a conflict of interest or not but I would be willing.

You don’t mention anything about writing, but I have skills there as well.

Can you handle all of these duties effectively?

Yes, as noted.