Life Enrichment Supervisor – GEF

Please consider me in your search for a Life Enrichment Supervisor.

I believe I would excel in this position, primarily because of my essential belief in, and passion for, the positive nature of life. It’s that passion that I would tap into to foster the enrichment of the lives of GEF clients and staff, by developing programs and activities that would support the organization’s commitment to the seven dimensions of wellness and GEF’s vision to “positively influence seniors’ quality of life.”

Besides my belief in life’s positive nature, consider my rich life experience as an artist, musician, teacher, communications officer, care worker, journalist, property manager and janitor to the homeless and firefighters, to name only a few.

My Education Degree from the U of A, led to over 10 years of teaching kids from grade-three to adult in seven different countries. While overseas, I developed curricula, educational materials and assessments for many different educational programs including the Irish Leaving Certificate, IGCSE and PYP, MYP and Diploma Baccalaureate. Every day was a project management day for me but consider the film of my children’s story, The Apple of Albert’s Eye, created using illustrations created by my grade-seven classes; or how about my being team lead on a submission to build a Holocaust Memorial in Ottawa; or carving “TEACH ONLY LOVE” into a block of Douglas Fir?

When I returned to Canada in 2012, I launched my website to highlight my creative talents in writing, painting, photography, videography, music and graphic design. My art emphasizes the positive and my Happy Face Series is a good example. I believe my art teaching experience could be put to good use in organizing creative activities.

I’ve also worked as a Residential Care Worker for the Prince George Association for Community Living and Thomson Community Services, where I served clients with varying degrees of physical and cognitive challenges.

My communications background includes time spent as a Communications Officer for The University of Calgary, a Writer/Editor for various commercial publications, a Marketing Support Specialist and as the Owner/Operator of a direct-mail advertising franchise.

I was planning to address the Seven Dimensions of Wellness individually but was stymied when I found differing lists. For example, one list is mental, physical, social, financial, spiritual, environmental and vocational, while another list is emotional, physical, social, spiritual, environmental and occupational, while still another is physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, environmental, social and occupational.

Regardless of which list you use, the dimensions can be divided into two areas representing the physical outer world (physical, environmental, financial, occupational) and those involving the mind (mental, spiritual, emotional and intellectual). The one dimension that, perhaps, has a foot in both camps would be the social.

While all aspects of wellness are important, I suggest it is the health of the mind that is most important and that “peace of mind” is one area of wellness everyone ascribes to.

I believe that peace is found in the spiritual realm of mind. I am a graduate of the 11-week “Alpha” course based on, for want of a better term, “mainstream” Christianity and, most recently, been involved in online spiritual discussions between myself, a former Muslim chaplain for the U of A, and a Seventh Day Adventist Minister. I also practiced Transcendental Meditation for many years and have read translated portions of the Bhagavad Gita. I am a graduate of the Landmark Forum self-development course and support the spiritual teachings of Eckhart Tolle, as found in his book, The Power of Now. My most recent interest has been devoted to almost a decade of reading and practice of the spiritual lessons found in A Course in Miracles and other supporting texts.

My interest in spirituality has led me to being a presenter at two “World Religions Conferences” in Prince George, including my PowerPoint presentation The Object of Man’s Creation.


I hope this deep interest is not off-putting to you. As mentioned at the beginning of my letter, I am passionate about the essentially positive nature of life and feel there is no “real” opposite to the creative force (love if you prefer) that I believe created us. This passion does not mean I oppose those that believe otherwise, but it does mean I am aware of a wealth of material to support this position and would be prepared to offer it in an open discussion format for those that are interested.

Other aspects of myself that I believe would be helpful in this role is my innovative thinking. For example, I create a webpage when applying for positions of this importance and hope you have the opportunity to view it in considering my suitability for this role as it visualizes my many talents.

Thank you for the time taken in considering this letter and application. I hope it interests you enough to initiate a conversation as to how we might work together to enhance and enrich the lives of everyone in the GEF family.