Graphic Design – Summit Memorials

Dear Hiring Decision Maker(s):

Please consider me in your search for a Graphic Designer.

Making art has been a part of my entire adult life. After studying Commercial Art in high school, I enrolled in a BFA program at the U of A, later opting to complete an Art Education degree. A gallery of some of my early work highlights the fact it often uses simple graphic designs.

I continued to explore my interest in making art while teaching the subject internationally. An acrylic on paper, Nadia and Friend, (2004), is painted from one of my photographs.

Returning to Canada in 2012, I worked with a web designer to launch my WordPress website highlighting my creative abilities in design, writing, photography, art, music and video production. One of my major works on my return was a quilt, Death from A to Z by Adam Lanza, Dec. 14, 2012 (2013), which raises the issue of gun control.. I’m not exactly sure when I started using Illustrator and Photoshop, but it has been many years, and I used Illustrator to create the background graphic on which the NRA bibs were placed.

Moving to Prince George, I completed a major outdoor installation, The Spirit of Prince George, 2015, (2014) for Timberspan Wood Products. After creating the design for the work in Illustrator, I used a variety of power tools to carve the Douglas fir panels.

Another work involving the use of typography and my design skills was the creation of a sign for North Side Automotive. Photographs and a video of the sign appear below. Further examples of my graphic design work can be found in my Happy Face Series.

I must admit I am unfamiliar with Flexi but, after watching a YouTube tutorial, I can see that it is a powerful program, especially for the manipulation of type. I believe I could learn to use this program effectively.

I believe I am an excellent candidate for this position and would like to suggest we meet to discuss the contribution I could make to Summit Memorials in filling this role.

Yours truly,

James Miller