Content Writer – Atrium

Content Writer – Atrium Digital

Please consider me in your search for a Content Writer. I have a broad range of communications and editorial experience and the creative ability to produce written content for a wide range of uses.

As a Communications Officer for The University of Calgary, I worked with the Public Affairs Office and senior administration officials to produce strategized communications for staff, media, stakeholders and the public. My ability for “crafting compelling narratives from dry facts” is illustrated in my article on digital mapping. As co-editor of the bi-weekly Gazette, my editorial duties included profiling new additions to the university, like Beatrice Medicine.

In Vancouver, I served as Western Editor for Canadian Forest Industries Magazine, where I wrote about all aspects of the business including harvesting, milling and safety. As Marketing Manager for Campbell River forest equipment manufacturer, T-MAR Industries, I was placed in charge of internal and external communications and produced newsletters, advertising, product brochures and developed and analyzed customer surveys in support of company initiatives. I also have experience as a reporter, writing articles, for example, about an underwater camera for BC Business Examiner and about Sam Struhar’s fight with WCB for Nanaimo Free Press | ( In all of these positions, I supplied supporting photographs and, in some cases, design skills, as well. For more creative work, I invite you to view the student illustrated version of my children’s story The Apple of Albert’s Eye.

After 10 years of teaching overseas, I returned to Canada in 2012 and, except for a brief period, have been in Prince George until my recent relocation to Edmonton. In Prince George, I worked in community care and served as a property manager. At that time, I also developed my website and blog. My page about COVID-19 demonstrates my interest in current affairs and ability to even rewrite the lyrics to a song.

My email pitch for three posts for the Atrium Digital Blog follows:

Post one: Talented Writer Joins Atrium Team.

Atrium adds creative Content Writer.

Atrium Digital is pleased to announce James Miller has joined our team as a Content Writer. Miller brings a vast array of writing and business experience to Atrium, having spent years in communications for The University of Calgary; instructed Journalism at the then Grant MacEwan Community College; served as a Marketing Manager in Campbell River and operated his own direct-mail franchise advertising business and worked as a daily reporter in Nanaimo. Miller also spent 10 years teaching art and mathematics in seven different countries that transformed him from Jim to James.

“Arriving to teach in Al Ain, UAE, I discovered my students would address me as Mr. Jim. Somehow, I didn’t like the sound of that, so I asked them to call me Mr. James and I’ve gone with that ever since. I think one of my abilities is to be able to look at a current situation and imagine new ways to approach it. I’m literally able to think outside the circle and writing engaging, creative content is one of my strengths.”

Miller joins a writing team that includes retired military strategist, Colonel Mustard; archaeologist, Professor Plum and Harvard Communications graduate, Miss Scarlet O’Hara.

“Together, this quartet of talent, will work in concert as an integral part of our Marketing Systems Engineering, delivering consistent, measurable results to our clients,” said Digital Principal, Chris Lawson in making the announcement.

Company Principals, Mitch Compri and Jordan Woolf, also welcomed Miller to Atrium in a joint statement, “We are pleased our customers, through their faith in us, have put us in a position to be able to bring more creative minds to our ability to serve them.”

Post two: Marketing Systems Engineering – Where marketing science and art meet.

In this, the first in a series of posts on Atrium Digital’s unique approach to marketing fundamentals, we’ll look at and analyze how marketing information found in Google Anyalytics 4 is used to gauge how effective creative approaches have been in making an “event” happen.

Post three: Websites – Where the pixels meet the pavement

Your website is, more and more, where it all begins and can end – suddenly. This article will offer you a series of basic ideas to keep in mind in developing your website, whether you hire us or not, and our compelling argument as to why you should, hireus that is.

In summary, I believe I am an excellent fit for this position and would like to suggest we meet to discuss the contribution I could make to your organization’s operations.