Content Editor/Author/Writer – ELL Technologies

Please consider me in your search for Content Editor/Author/Writer. I believe I possess the English language editing skills and engaging writing style required for this position.

After completing my Education degree at the University of Alberta, I taught students, from grade three to adult, in Libya, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Norway, the UAE and Japan a variety of subjects in English. In all of these cases, I adapted my teaching to accommodate students dealing with English as a second language. In Al Ain, UAE, I co-authored a series of mathematics workbooks and assessment materials specifically tailored for vocational students with a Muslim cultural background. I believe my international teaching experience contributes to my ability to collaboratively identify, and effectively use, cultural elements to aid Chinese students in learning English. In Canada, in addition to teaching Communications 11 in high school, I also taught Journalism at the Community College level.

My writing skills are not limited to the academic world. I have worked as a Communications Officer, Marketing Manager and daily and weekly reporter. You seek someone with a lively, interesting and imaginative writing style and I invite you to consider my children’s book, The Apple of Albert’s Eye, which I used as the basis for an art illustration project in Saudi Arabia. This book might be an excellent project for translation into Mandarin. My article for The University of Calgary, New ways to slice the mapping pie, and its accompanying commissioned illustration, demonstrates my ability to tailor an article to engage a specific audience.

In addition to the links provided to samples of my writing in the webpage version of this cover letter, let me invite you to consider my references, particularly the references from the Abu Dhabi Vocational and Educational Training Institute and the University of Calgary. You will also find my transcripts for study at three Alberta universities and a number of certifications.

Thank you for considering this application. I am available for an in-person interview until October 11th and will likely be rescheduled to return camp duties after that, unless you decide to hire me in the meantime.