Conference Association Coordinator – ICS

Please consider me in your search for a Conference Association Coordinator.

While a Communications Officer with The University of Calgary, I co-edited the bi-weekly Gazette, which often highlighted scientific researcher on campus. After gaining some understanding of the subject at hand, it was my job to present the research in an engaging way to a more general audience. My article New ways to slice the mapping pie and its accompanying commissioned illustration is an example. My profile of new staff member Beatrice Medicine demonstrates my skill in completing this common writing assignment. In addition to my writing/editorial skills, I also provided photographs, page layout and illustrations.

Other writing experience includes time spent as a daily reporter for The Nanaimo Free Press and for weekly publications like Nanaimo’s Business Examiner. I also served as Western Editor for Canadian Forest Industries Magazine and covered all aspects of the business including harvesting, safety and milling. I represented CFI at numerous trade shows in Western Canada.

My marketing experience includes time spent as the Marketing Manager for T-MAR Industries, where I provided a variety of marketing services including the production of company brochures and the development, delivery and analysis of customer surveys. Highlight of my time with T-MAR includes organizing the company’s participation in a “live forestry” show in the BC interior.

I have a keen interest in all aspects of our world, especially our society’s development in what appears to be especially divisive times. An example of my ability to logically analyze a written scholarly work can be found in my rebuttal of Harvard educated, and now California based philosophy professor, Aaron James’ treatise, Assholes – A Theory.

I am computer literate in Illustrator, Photoshop, Movie Studio, WordPress and Microsoft Office. I would admittedly have much to learn in assuming this role, yet I believe I have the fundamental qualities you seek in that I am an energetic self-starter who is innovative, solution oriented and not only thinks outside the box, but outside the circle, too. Accordingly, let me suggest we further explore the contribution I could make to ICS in filling this role.

James Miller