Competency Coordinator – CSFS

Cultural Competency Training Coordinator

Please consider me in your search for a Cultural Competency Training Coordinator for the Nowh Guna Culture Competency Training Program. I believe I occupy a unique position in life that makes me an ideal candidate.

I have developed and taught educational courses for a variety of curricula in a variety of cultural settings. In Libya, Art for the Irish Leaving Certificate. In Mongolia, Art for the IB, Middle Years (MYP), and Primary Years (PYP) International Baccalaureate programmes and Middle School International General Certificate in Secondary Education (IGCSE). In Saudi Arabia, Art for IB and IGCSE and IGCSE Mathematics. In Norway for MYP Mathematics and Art. In the UAE, I worked with the Abu Dhabi Vocational and Educational Institute to develop vocational mathematics curriculum and mathematics workbooks for adult Emirati men and women. All this gives me confidence that I can learn the basics of your Nowh Guna Culture and help you in your initiative to foster its learning and use by working with your elders and others to create materials that will captivate your audience.

To my skills in the development of educational programs, add my expertise as a writer, graphic designer, artist, photographer, videographer, wood carver and musician; skills that can further enhance your ability to convince your students that to learn is to change.

But ultimately, you are looking for someone who has a vision of what a competent culture is. A competent culture promotes healing by teaching that love is the ultimate and only power in the universe. It teaches that you are the invulnerable, eternal, inseparable expression of that love. It teaches that you are your experience and that to believe in pain in any form is to place your faith in illusions and death. To put it more lightly, it is to realize that wisdom is beautifully expressed in the innocent symbol of the happy face.

Your video, A Foot in Both Worlds, mirrors that belief as it moves away from images and questions about past and present injustices, to images of strong, vibrant, inclusive people inviting everyone to join them in making a happier world. Perhaps, I am the person to help you in that goal. Let me then suggest you invite me to make a presentation that expands on the truth and vision I have touched on.

James Miller