Educational Facilitator – Inclusion Alberta

Please consider me in your search for an Educational Facilitator at Concordia University.

I believe I have a deep & abiding commitment to inclusion as demonstrated by my experience and contribution to community. I use of my website, as an artist and communicator, to promote unity. Consider statements and video on my homepage. You might also enjoy my Happy Face Series, dedicated to my belief that the only real force in life is love. My work experience includes several years working with the Prince George Association for Community Living. I’ve also served at Edmonton’s Mustard Seed, working with the homeless.

As my resume details, I have had numerous positions that required professionalism and excellent communication, networking and organizational skills.

I have a keen interest in life and like to think I’m learning something every day. I also believe I’m a “reflective practitioner”, if by that you mean someone who works at understanding life’s experience from more than my initial reactions to it. As for my critical thinking skills, you might enjoy my essay, Assholes – Another Theory; a response to philosophy professor Aaron James’ theory that a significant and identifiable segment of society deserves not inclusion, but derision and disdain.

I enjoy public speaking and have considerable experience in writing/editing for different audiences, both skills you seek. I’ve taught Journalism and written for many publications. My video application for the position of Traveling Ambassador with Air Transat will give you an idea of my writing and delivery skills. And, hopefully, my sense of humor.

Note as well, my over 10 years of experience as an educator, another valuable asset I offer in filling this role. I also have recent experience of being a student, completing the first semester in the Hearing Aid Practitioner program at MacEwan and a property management course at UBC’s Sauder School of Business.

Thank you for considering this application. I am available for an in-person interview until September 16, 2022 and return to Edmonton from September 28th until October 10th.