Community Facilitator – Household Jehn

Please consider me in your search for a Community Facilitator.

As you can see from my resume, my life and work experience is broad and varied. If I were to sum up my life interest in word, inclusion would certainly be an excellent choice. The belief and interest in our collective oneness is reflected in much of what you’ll find if you visit my website, Under the art banner, my Happy Face Series is one example. You might enjoy my statement and video found on my homepage.

I believe anger, hatred or fear are false emotions based on a fundamental understanding of the fact we are one in spirit. Logically then, any anger is directed at the self, because there is no one else. My essay, Assholes – Another Theory, rejects philosophy professor Aaron James’ contention that there are people who deserve our disdain.

I’ve put my philosophy of life first and foremost because I believe it is of first and foremost importance.

On a more experiential level, I worked as a teacher in Canada and overseas for more than 10 years. I have a great interest in arts, crafts, photography, video, music and all forms of communication. Does the young man involved like to sing? Interested in video editing? Webpage design?

My interest in sport is selective; while I strike out on baseball, I hit a home run on hockey, to mix my metaphors, with the Oilers and Senators being two teams I like to follow. My earliest memory of model railroading is an unforgettable one when, as a young man, the neighbors had a model train that ran on an elevated platform from one room to another. I like creating anything with my hands. You might enjoy the model of my design for a Holocaust Memorial for a memorial in Ottawa.

I have years of experience working in group homes in Prince George for the Prince George Association for Community Living (AiMHi) and Thompson Community Services. I am able to work independently and as a member of a team.

I believe my success in this position relies primarily on the chemistry between myself and the young man involved. If we “hit it off”, we could both be happy, which I believe is our primary purpose in life. My suggestion then, is that we discuss my possible employment in more detail with an eventual meeting as a goal. I believe I can meet all other criteria.

Thank you for your time taken in considering me for this position. I am currently on break time from my position with Horizon North and scheduled to return to work on September 19th.